Children, Youth & Adult Orchestra Lessons


Klaudia’s Music Studio offers string orchestra lessons for existing students of our studio since April 2011. The orchestra lessons are also for students who take lessons from other music schools and with their own private teachers.




M i n i M i n i M a g i c K is the first level orchestra

M i n i M a g i c K is the second level orchestra

M a g i c K is the third level orchestra


Inspiring M a g i c K is the quartet formed in August 2016 by adult students. This addition to our chamber music department shows enthusiasm and dedication of the students to do more, to play for enjoyment and to continuously keep improving.


Students learn the importance of basic instrument fundamentals while playing together as one entity.  The skills learned include posture while sitting, being a stand partner, correct instrument hold is reinforced, fingering and bowing for all the music is established, students learn about a role of the conductor or music director in charge, ability to tune, recognize the proper pitch, playing in tune, phrasing, keeping the steady beat while playing, effective use of dynamics and all-over musicality.

Klaudia's Music Shool Orchestra Students


Reading music is in the essential part of orchestra playing and students learn it right from the beginning of their lessons regardless of their age.

There are local music festivals and performing opportunities within our Studio to allow them to showcase the skills.

Recitals take place bi-annually and they are highlight of our studio. These are proud moment for parents, grandparents and family, as well as a moment of accomplishment for adult performers. These recitals feature orchestra and the other chamber groups playing on a stage.

Studio offers instrument rentals, as well as rent to own program and buy out option.


Testimonials:“Thank you for for creating the adult ensemble group. It’s challenging, educational and most of all fun! Playing with the group is one of the highlights in my week.” A. M., Oakville

“Thank you! You are an inspiring teacher!” L. F., Oakville


We welcome players on violin, viola, cello, double bass, harp, piano and more, with previous experience in playing the instrument.

Please register prior to attending. We rehearse weekly.


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