Private Music & Theory Lessons in Oakville


When looking for the best for your child, don’t settle for anything less than top quality education. You as a parent can introduce music to your children and give them an amazing opportunity to discover new paths. We the teachers can show them the way to achieve their maximum potential. Playing a musical instrument has been proven to lengthen the attention span, help become a better listener, and also develop stronger coordination and focus skills. Together we can rekindle music in our students’ hearts and pass it on to the next generation!

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Top Ten Reasons to enroll your child in music lessons today:

10. Playing a musical instruments is a safe, fun, and creative after-school activity.

9. Classical music tutoring (RCM) enriched with a variety of non-classical popular repertoire.

8. Learning to read and understand music is taught as an essential element from the beginning.

7. Fantastic results in quality of sound, pitch and musicality.

6. Benefit of improved learning skills, such as coordination, listening, attention, etc.

5. Flexibility. You get to pick a day/time for weekly lessons.

4. Convenience. Close to your neighborhood.

3. Certified, experienced, kind and attentive teachers even for children with special needs.

2. One Free initial lesson; then risk-free 10-WEEKS trial period; no obligation to commit.



Top Ten Questions and Answers You Might Be Looking For:

10. Q: How do I begin? A: Pick an instrument based on your personal preference, or ask us for advice.

9. Q: Do you only teach classical music? A: We based our teaching on classical music, but not exclusively.

8. Q: How do I make sure the interest lasts? A: Sign up for a trial 10-week period

7. Q: Do all students have to take the Royal Conservatory Exam? A: No. Teacher determined the readiness.

6. Q: Do you offer an initial lesson? A: Yes, for 1/2 price of the regular lesson. One-time trial class.

5. Q: Do you rent instruments? A: Yes. Violin, cello, double bass, guitar, keyboard.

4. Q: Do you come to students home to teach? A: No, we only offer lessons at the Studio.

3. Q: How young can children begin playing an instrument? A: General music introduction starts at the age 3.5

2. Q: Can I start learning instrument at any age? A: Yes, absolutely.

1. Q: How do I sign up? A: Fill out the online Registration Form, no payment will be required until you choose the class and the schedule is set.