Oakville Piano Teacher DaniellaOakville Piano Teacher – Daniella Theresia Teodoro-Dier


Daniella Theresia Teodoro-Dier first expressed a connection with music when she was hummed a lullaby in her sleep as a baby. After seeing a violin concert at the age of 3, she spent the next day pretending to play violin with two chopsticks while singing one of the songs from the concert; her parents decided to offer her violin lessons. Her love of music soon expanded to include piano, flute, viola, and classical voice instruction. In 2009, she completed her formal training from Lawrence University (Appleton, Wisconsin, U.S.A.), receiving a Bachelor of Arts degree in music with voice as her primary instrument. From Lawrence, she received a solid foundation in theory, sight singing, ear training, and music history. After receiving her degree, she searched for the best quality vocal instruction, ultimately moving to Israel in 2012 in order to further her vocal studies.

Influenced by her own multi-instrumental experience, Daniella believes that being a well-rounded musician is essential, not only to developing a student’s skills and love of music, but to developing as a person. She incorporates different elements into her teaching in order to appeal to the different learning styles and to foster strong musicianship skills from the beginning. Daniella has Alexander Technique, Feldenkrais Method, and the Grinberg Method with internationally respected teachers, and is a strong advocate for creating strong body awareness in musicians. Daniella is sensitive to students’ needs and abilities and cautions pushing students beyond their capabilities. She believes it is essential to help a student explore their relationship with their instrument in a healthy and nurturing manner, letting their love of music fuel their desire to practice and perform.

As a singer, Daniella has a broad range of experience in both solo and ensemble settings. She has a strong choral background, having sung in a wide variety of choirs with diverse repertoire. She loves how the power of unified voices can transport an audience and as a soloist, she enjoys bringing unfamiliar stories and languages to the public.

In 2016, Daniella moved to Toronto, where she is building her career as a classical singer. She looks forward to empowering musicians of all ages and instruments to grow into their best possible musical selves.