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Violins are widely represented in orchestras, folk, chamber groups, jazz bands, pop songs, and yes rock n’ roll, as well as being played solo. Once you fall in love with the sound of the lovely melodies, dramatic steady progress of your playing and technically challenging new techniques of violin playing, there is no going back. You may switch to viola at any time during your studies, if you come to prefer it over the violin. The viola’s sound has a different sound with a deeper quality.

Read more about our approach to teaching, focusing on all aspects of instrument playing. Children, as early as 3, can appreciate violin music and have an emotional reaction to it. It is a good idea to bring them to a concert and expose them to violin playing. If the desire to play is strong, your child with flourish by playing.

Although the beginning can be a little discouraging, since playing violin is not an easy task, it is an especially rewarding music experience. No matter what your age when you decide to pick it up; at 5, 10, 14, 26, 45, 80, 95 – it is never too late! Discover the new passion in you. Come and learn from the best and let us show you the way…

Oakville violins for saleViolins for sale or rent

Very good quality beginners’ violins are available to rent or purchase, as a part of lessons package.

Registration Fee: $50 per student. Prices for tutoring vary depending on student’s level and length of the lesson.

Please call 289-242-1517 for more information.