Classroom Presentations

Meet a Musician for Primary and Elementary Schools

We at Klaudia’s Music Studio travel to schools with a mission to make music accessible, interesting and informative.

Preschools, primary and secondary schools are welcome to approach us about in-school presentation. We can customize it to your requirements. 

“Meet a musician” in an educational program for school children done in schools during school hours for grades JK to Grade 4, in a setting that varies from small groups of 15-30 children in a classroom, or a library to large groups of hundred and more children in a school gymnasium or arts auditorium.

Format can include: solo violin, string quartet, piano trio, violin duo, violin viola duo, violin cello duo, guitar duo and more. 

It is a one-of-a-kind customizable presentation of the selected musical instruments in an interactive and explorative setting since 2007. We offer presentation on every instrument we teach at our Studio. Advanced booking is required. Budget to host the show by the school is customized individually with each school.

Our violin presentation:

  • Ignites the interest in children for music and sounds of the violin
  • Discusses the great violin makers and the mystique surrounding violin
    making over the centuries
  • Teaches the purpose and design of various parts of the instrument
  • Includes a hands-on demonstration of the construction of the violin in
    which students may handle the various pieces and ask questions
  • Explores playing techniques to produce a variety of sounds and effects
  • Examines the violin’s use in classical and contemporary music
  • Encourages students to question and problem solve
  • Length of Presentation: 30-40 minutes

Recent Classroom Presentations

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