Fees, Policies & Holidays

Fees & Policies

Initial trial lesson: 1/2 price fee, paid in advance

One-time Registration Fee

$50/first family member
$25/each additional family member

Late fee

$5/per student per month

School Year Scheduling and Missed Lessons Policy from September to June:

After initial trial lesson you will be given exact time spot. From then on, lessons are scheduled on weekly basis. Lessons are billed and due monthly, on the first day of each month. One-time fees are billed at the time of booking. Registration fee is charged only after the initial trial lesson, once you confirm your interest. There are NO lessons (no charge for lessons) during Statutory Holidays. No make-up lessons policy: If you are unable to attend the scheduled lesson invite a friend or a family member to take a lesson in your place. Notify us prior to lesson about who will be attending. No credits can be issued for any missed lessons. Also, there will be no alternate time allocated, only regular scheduled time.

Summer Lessons Scheduling and Missed Lessons Policy for the months of July and August:

In the summer months of July and August we have flexibility to accommodate as many or as few lessons as you choose. Lessons are scheduled ahead of time, on specific weeks and days. After detailed consultation with the teacher’s availability you can choose your weeks and length of your lessons. You may consider more frequent or longer lessons on the weeks you can make it, to gain time for missing some weeks you cannot come in. Billing will follow accordingly, based on pre-booked lessons. Lessons are paid for in advance. During summer months we ask for minimum 2-weeks cancellation notice, or the lesson is considered missed and paid for. No make up lesson will be allowed for the missed lesson without 2-week notice. We limit the make up lessons to 2 in the summer.

Private one-on-one private instrumental lessons at studio:

Beginner Level – Level 4 piano, violin, viola, guitar, drums
$30/30 min
$45/45 min
$60/1 hour

Level 5 – Level 8 and senior piano, violin, cello instructors
$38/30 min
$57/45 min
$70-76/1 hour

Level 9, 10 and ARCT lessons

Double bass lessons


Theory lessons

$30/30 min
$45/45 min
$60/60 min

Semi-Private instrumental lessons of two

$25/30 min

Small group class of three

$25/45 min

Group piano lessons of maximum six students


Junior class:

$20/week per student/monthly subscription or drop-in
Orchestra Fee: $15/week
Recital Participation Fee: $25/student

Strings additional recital fees

$20/each 10 minutes of piano accompaniment rehearsal
$20/per student at the recital for levels Preparatory Level to Level 4
$20-60/per student for advanced levels depending on level of difficulty and length of pieces

Royal Conservatory of Music Preparation for String Players:

Piano accompaniment at the exam is mandatory. We provide all the preparation and accompaniment at the exam. One original copy of music must be provided for the accompanist and one for the adjudicator. Also technique book is required at exam, one original copy for you and one for the adjudicator. We have spare books you can borrow for this purpose free of charge.

Piano accompaniment fee at rehearsal

$20/each 10 minutes

Fee for the exam piano accompaniment at the actual exam day

$60/exam Preparatory Level to Level 4
$75/exam Level 5
$85/exam Level 6
$95/exam Level 7
$105/exam Level 8
$120/exam Levels 9
$140/exam Level 10
$160/exam Level ARCT

Camp Fee


Instrument rental fees

$20/month for violin, guitar, small keyboard
$30/month for viola
$40/month for cello
$45/month for full size electric piano
$50/month for double bass

Rent-to-own Program

Half (1/2) of the amount spent on renting the instrument goes towards later purchase (only for some instruments, exceptions apply). Payment plan for buy out is also available.
Withdrawal from lessons 2 weeks notice.


2018/2019 Lessons Cancellations due to Holidays:


Holiday Weekend
Days Affected*
Labour Day Sunday & Monday OFF
Thanksgiving Sunday & Monday OFF
Winter Break Two Full Weeks OFF
Family Day Sunday & Monday OFF
March Break Lessons 1st Weekend:
Monday to Sunday OFF
Easter Friday to Monday OFF
Victoria Day Sunday & Monday OFF

*No Lessons, No Tuition Charged

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