Group Piano

Oakville Group Piano Lessons

New groups open in September 2017. This season groups are filled.

Classes run 1 hour in length and have a maximum of 6 students for the ages 5, 6, 7 and 8. The students are grouped according to age and the piano students will each have a piano in class for learning. Under the direction of Ms. Sue Barbour.



The students will follow an exciting program as they learn and play together as a group.  We will be using proven methods book that allow for a smooth transition into the RCM program and examinations as they progress, including all theory elements.


 The lessons are a fun and exciting way to teach children the necessary skills and techniques of their instrument.  They will learn about teamwork and leadership along with gaining positive social benefits.  Group lessons help develop concentration as the students learn to play their part while hearing others and it gives them confidence as they perform regularly with their peers.