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Oakville music program for young children

Oakville Junior Music Program

For Young Children Ages 3.5 – 5.5 Years

Sessions run from September to June on a weekly basis. Month-to-month membership available.

Day: Saturdays 4:15 – 5:30 PM starting on September 7th, running weekly from September to June

Location: Trafalgar Presbyterian Church

Drop-in: $20 per class per student, paid on the day of the class in cash, NO registration fee, FREE Online Registration required

Membership: $15 per class per student, paid monthly, NO registration fee, FREE Online Registration required

Current open house information: SATURDAY SEPTEMBER 7th at 4:15 – 5:30 PM

Open House Music for Young Children 3.5 – 5.5 years old

This month we will hold free open house for Junior Music, which is our youngest student class for ages 3.5 – 5.5. It introduces musical instruments and gives children first feel for what music is about. We present children with structured and varied program that includes notes reading, rhythm practice, ear training, singing and playing real music instruments. Includes: violin, cello, double bass, harp, piano, ukulele, flute, drums, guitar and many more. Come in and meet the teacher, ask questions. If you want to only observe, the class is free. If you want your child to participate, drop in fee is $20. Pick a class at a location that suits you more: Glen Abbey United Church location at 1469 Nottinghill Gate in Oakville (Upper Middle and 4th Line) or Trafalgar Presbyterian Church location at 354 Upper Middle Road (access from Trafalgar, then one street south of Upper Middle is White Oaks Blvd and left on Linchfield Rd). This class runs weekly throughout the year. You may join any time without registration fee. Drop in for $20, or attend weekly and get a discounted price $15 per class. Leading instructor is Ms. Heather.

Children need music. At Klaudia’s Music Studio, we believe that music is an essential element of every child’s education.

Designed for children 3.5-5.5 years old without previous musical experience, this class is geared toward trying different musical instrument and hands-on playing. It helps with the decision about what musical instrument is the closest to the heart of the child. We welcome back all younger participants of our music summer camp who still do not take formal music lessons. Having fun with music while learning is the key! No musical instruments needed, all is provided for you. These lessons are not parented, although parents are welcome to stay in the class or observe from outside the classroom at any time. Classes are lead by two to three music faculty of dedicated teachers.

Article related to our program:

From the earliest age, children respond to music through movement and imitation, clapping their hands and babbling to their favorite music. When caregivers and teachers encourage and guide them, any child can develop basic musical competence, learning to sing in tune and march to a beat.

Why is this important? According to early childhood educators, music is a basic life skill, as important as speaking, reading or writing. Music fosters cooperation and listening, expression and creativity, forces that are invaluable in every aspect of our lives.

Many scientists, inspired by the work of Harvard psychologist Howard Gardner, have come to consider “musical intelligence” as just one of many forms of human intelligence. And music has been shown to benefit a child’s broader education. In famous studies from the 1990s, University of Wisconsin psychologist Frances H. Rauscher determined that listening to Mozart’s music could actually enhance spatial reasoning.

Oakville music for toddler and parents

More recently, research has confirmed that music instruction increases a child’s ability to work and play cooperatively with classmates. A few years ago Oakland University child psychologist Andrew Gunsberg showed that children engaged in improvisational musical play were able to perform much better on later cognitive tasks requiring focused attention. And in research published in February of this year, a Northwestern University neuroscientist, Nina Kraus, discovered that musical training enhanced brain stem sensitivity to speech sounds.

It is never too early (or too late) to enrich your child’s education through music. Our early childhood music program is aimed at young children, under Klaudia’s direction. These young musicians will be given freedom of movement & expression to music, participation in sing-along nursery rhymes in circle time with the others and also doing their own music making. The children’s final presentation and show is a part of our semi-annual School Recitals each December and June. We’ll help your youngster become more musical, more creative — and maybe even more intelligent!

Ages: 3.5 – 5.5 years old

Activities: classical music, nursery rhymes, instruments trial, percussion to the beat, movement and play

Frequency: weekly

Achievements: sense of belonging, gear toward a performance, coordination and pitch training, choosing of future instrument

Requirements: none, all instruments and materials are provided

Registration: online through Registration Tab

Klaudia's Music Studio - For Young Children

Klaudia's Music Studio - For Young Children