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Cello Teachers

Many of us, young or adults, are intrigued by the cello. It is truly a wonderful low-pitched instrument, widely popular in orchestras, as well as being played solo. We admire its sonority and as a complement to higher-pitched violin and viola. This is what gives music its depth, variety and grace. With the right cello teachers, you can achieve beautiful results! Read more about our approach to teaching, focusing on all aspects of instrument playing.

Once you obtain a certain level of music and notation understanding, you may want to experience the fun of playing with the others. Playing in a string orchestra is a very fulfilling experience.

If you already have the basics of cello playing and would like to bring your playing to a higher level, contact us today.

Klaudia's Music Studio - Cellos For Rent

Very good quality beginners’ cellos are available to rent or purchase, as a part of lessons package. Studio offers instrument rentals from sizes 1/16th to 4/4th, as well as rent-to-own program and buy-out option.