Drum Teachers

Klaudia's Music Studio - Drum Teacher

Drum Teachers

Learning drums can certainly be rewarding for the qualities that come along with it and for the undoubtedly most fun not-so-subtle form of music.

Benefits and skills include rhythm training, hands coordination and cognitive perception. Variety of styles includes heavy metal. We teach children as young as 6 and up, as well as adults!


When it comes to drums we offer flexible one-on-one approach of individual study, with personal preference for songs, individual progress and non-pressure opportunities to perform. Teacher meets the potential student and determines the goals and progress plan. When 2 or more students of similar age and skill manage to get together in a combination of guitar / drums, or solo guitar / bass guitar, or piano / guitar / drums, then the “Rock Band” is formed and has perfomance opportunities. Under the expert guidance, this is not an amateur endeavour, but well thought through, well managed and well executed performance preparation. We welcome all students, very beginners, or advanced.