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Learning to play the piano has never diminished in its popularity over period of time. Taught by our world class piano teachers, our students are provided with a solid foundation both in theory and in general music understanding. Read more about our approach to teaching, focusing on all aspects of instrument playing.

Piano is a great first or second instrument for introducing young children or teens to musical lessons. It is relatively easy to grasp the fundamentals of it, although it is challenging to become proficient. Piano playing improves coordination and soon you may notice improvements in other learning skills, such as focus and increased attention span.

One special note belongs to adult beginners who are reading this, or adults who are coming back after many years of not playing the piano, while playing quite well as children back in times: You have a potential. And you will never know what this potential means unless you try it. You adults have often great results because of your motivation and dedication. You, dear adults, do not need to compete, compare, fear failure, perform. If music brings you joy and you feel like this is what is missing in your life now, that is all you need at this point. And even if the results take long time, even if the learning is tough, you should consider your passion for music and choose piano as your next goal. Bring your favorite song, CD or songbook and we will tailor a program specifically to your goals. Come and learn from the teacher with training, we are here to show you the way.

While it is easy at the beginning to learn the piano, as the student progresses, it is essential for the piano teacher to motivate, encourage and provide new challenges. The exploration of tone quality, rhythm and expressions are all part of this very complex task, following the syllabus of the Royal Conservatory of Music. Many students choose to take annual exams, go to festivals and competitions. They like to be on the stage, show and compare their skills. Many other students choose to only participate in our internal bi-annual student recitals. This is a personal choice that we teachers always respect.

People can enjoy playing piano at any age for its relaxing attributes. We typically start teaching piano lessons at the age of 5 or 6, but it doesn’t mean you are limited to these ages and therefore give up before you even start. Your child can start at any age, very young or teen. At any point, learning curve varies from student to student and if the student joins at later age, he or she could progress faster and still become a professional musician!