Natalia Lepeshkina

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Piano Teacher – Natalia

Natalia Lepeshkina, born in Moscow, Russia, is a pianist and a professor of the Moscow Ippolitov-Ivanov Municipal Institute. She is an organizer of enlightening concerts and lecutures, a member of Moscow Merchant Society, a niece of famous medicine professor of Vermont University Eugene Lepeshkin. She received excellent education in the Moscow Tchaikovsky State Conservatory. Her teachers were famous and outstanding pianists: Y. Milshtein, B. Berlin, nationally acclaimed artists N. Yemelianova and professor A. Skavronsky.

For many years Natalia Lepeshkina was successfully working as a soloist and accompanist at the Moscow State Philharmony making hundreds of performances in halls of Moscow and numerous cities and towns across Russia. She performed abroad in Norway, Poland, Germany, Hungary, Iceland and Canada. She worked with well-known musicians Leonid Kharitonov (bass), Uri Marchenko (bass), Galina Oleinichenko (soprano) and with young and talented soloists, winners of international contests Andrey Ryazantsev (cello), Alexander Buzlov (cello) and others.

The family of Lepeshkin has interesting history. In the beginning of 19th century they were well-known and wealthy merchants. Their business was textile industry but their activities spread much beyond the textile. They made generous donations to charity, built churches, monasteries and hospitals, opened schools for the poor. They devoted a lot of time and energy to development of education and arts in Russia. They were influential on the social life of that period. One of Lepeshkin’s, Semion Lepeshkin was a mayor of Moscow between 1846 and 1849. Natalia Lepeshkina follows the family tradition by giving charitable concerts. She plays in hospitals, child welfare institutions and long term care facilities. She organizes enlightening musical programs for music fans of all ages. For her remarkable activity in this area she was awarded with the medal “For the Merits to Homeland” in 2005.

In 2001 Natlalia Lepeshkina has started a new lecture course with musical illustrations devoted to the history of Russian music. The course was presented to the members of International Women Club of Diplomatic Corpus in Moscow. Many family members of foreign diplomats from U.S., U.K., Canada, Switzerland, Finland, Japan, South Korea, Italy, and other countries attend these monthly events.


Substitute Piano Teacher – Olga de Andrade

Ms. Olga de Andrade started her musical education at the age of seven in Khabarovsk, Russia. After her family moved to Brest, Belarus, she was enrolled into a specialty school that offered an extensive musical education that included piano lessons, choir, voice, theory, history of music and basics of ballet.


Olga soon became a promising piano student of Margaret Rozumovich and entered and won various regional festivals and competitions. Furthermore, she was a member and a soloist of the girl’s choir “Solovushka” (“Nightingale”) that was awarded an honorary title of “Exemplary” choir for their high performance and extensive repertoire.

Olga has a Bachelor’s Degree from Brest State University where she studied Russian literature, Russian and English languages and Pedagogy. Upon graduation, she worked as a teacher of English as a Second Language.

Piano Teaching:

Olga has taught private piano lessons for over 10 years and is currently working on her own examination preparation for RCM 10. She is familiar with all levels of preparation for Royal Conservatory of Music Piano Exam, including the the ear training. Olga loves working with children and believes that music is an integral part of human development, both mentally and emotionally.  She hopes to nurture and develop her students’ love for music in particular and arts in general.