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Viola & Violin Teachers

Violins are widely represented in orchestras, chamber groups, folk, jazz bands, pop songs, movie music and yes rock n’ roll, as well as being played solo. Once you fall in love with the sound of the lovely melodies, dramatic steady progress of your playing and technically challenging new techniques of violin playing, there is no going back. You may start learning the viola, or switch to viola at any time during your studies, if you come to prefer it over the violin. The viola’s sound has a different sound with a deeper voice in a lower register.

Klaudia’s Music Studio offers private one on one violin and viola lessons. Additionally after approximately two years of instruction students have the option to join a string orchestra.

Students learn the importance of basic instrument fundamentals from our reputable violin teachers and viola teachers. This includes instrument playing meaning posture, correct now hold, direction of bow, correct amount of weight on the strings, left hand position, fingers placement, coordination of left-hand fingers with bow movement, ability to recognize the right pitch, playing in tune, phrasing, keeping the steady beat while playing, effective use of dynamics and all-over musicality.

Reading music is in the essential part of violin playing and students learn it right from the beginning of their lessons regardless of their age.


We follow the program of Royal Conservatory of Music (RCM) Examination. Their syllabus is a guideline for all the levels. It is our objective to work toward achieving requirements and prepare students for the exam.
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The Exam is not made for everyone! Students are not required to take part in RCM exams. Lessons are adapted to fit the students’ goals and many learn to play music for their own enjoyment, love of music, or to advance the knowledge for personal satisfaction.

There are local music festivals and performing opportunities within our Studio to allow them to showcase the skills.

Recitals take place bi-annually and they are highlight of our studio. These are proud moment for parents, grandparents and family, as well as a moment of accomplishment for adult performers. These recitals feature solo and orchestra violin playing on a stage.

For exams and recitals, studio provides violin players with the piano accompanist and additional rehearsals before each performance. The live accompaniment is a mandatory requirement for performing the repertoire of all RCME levels.

Studio offers instrument rentals from sizes 1/16th to 4/4th, as well as rent-to-own program and buy-out option.

Klaudia's Music Studio - Violins For Sale


Very good quality beginners’ violins are available to rent or purchase, as a part of lessons package. Studio offers instrument rentals from sizes 1/16th to 4/4th, as well as rent-to-own program and buy-out option.