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Klaudia's Music Studio - Founder Klaudia Thibault

Klaudia Thibault

Klaudia Thibault is an experienced violin teacher in Oakville, who regularly prepares students for the Royal Conservatory of Music (RCM) Examinations, festivals and music competitions. She teaches all levels of RCM violin, leads a unique summer violin summer camp for young children and also conducts orchestra classes for students of the Studio.

Klaudia Thibault, nee Mirossayova, graduated from the University of Prešov (Prešovska Univerzita), Slovakia, in 2001 (www.unipo.sk). She holds a Master’s Degree in Social Sciences and Musical Education with violin the main instrument. Prior to university, Klaudia successfully completed 10 years of violin study (1984-1994: equivalent to Royal Conservatory ARCT) at the Jan Pöschl School of Music in Presov, Slovakia. In the latter part of 2001, Klaudia moved to Canada where she immediately sought to become active and has since become established in the music community.

Performing and Conducting Experience

The daughter of a violin teacher Anita and an engineer Stanislav, Klaudia has been an enthusiastic violin player since five years of age, performing as a soloist and a youth classical music orchestra concertmaster since 1987. The youth orchestra “Orchester Jana Poschla in Presov” performed in Eastern and Western Europe, and obtained high marks at national competitions each year. Most memorable was the competition in Neerpelt, Belgium where the orchestra received the golden medal. Klaudia’s mom Anita Mirossayova acted as a conductor of this highly successful student string orchestra.

In 1993, Klaudia joined the Slovak Folk Ensemble”Sarisancek” and then “Šarišan”, a national music and dance group, traveling and performing on violin for the next six years in nine countries around the world: in Europe, South and North America, Africa and Asia. Klaudia was a founder of music section of children folk group “Rozmarija” in Presov. She successfully lead the group of young musicians to become confident in their performance and traveled with them to Finland, Sweden and many other countries in Europe.

While studying at university, Klaudia won a university violin competition in her first year of study. After this, she was the concertmaster of the University Chamber Orchestra “Camerata Academica” for five years.

In her graduation year 2001, Klaudia compiled and produced a one-hour orchestral educational program for children about the role of different musical instruments in orchestra; in addition to spoken word, she also conducted this 50-member youth university orchestra which performed her program at the Performing Arts Centre (PKO) in Presov, Slovakia to a 600-member audience. At that time, she also conducted a children’s string orchestra of classical music at the Jan Pöschl School of Music in Presov, Slovakia.

Between 2002 – 2013, Klaudia played with the Oakville Symphony Orchestra and it was the first year she was awarded the Symphony’s Young Artist Award thanks to Ian Morrison who suggested Klaudia take up this opportunity. Klaudia was given a $1500 scholarship for which she was eternally grateful. She met a lot of new friends and fellow musicians during her years with the Oakville Symphony.

Klaudia has performed on violin with the Oakville Messiah Orchestra, Dundas Valley Orchestra, Oakville Chamber Orchestra, community orchestras and internal school orchestra at Klaudia’s Music Studio called MagicK. In June 2005, she became a member of the String Quartet. She performs regularly at weddings and occasions throughout year.

Community Outreach

Klaudia was a member of the Oakville Symphony Orchestra’s Community Outreach Committee from 2005 – 2012. This committee introduced very successful series of mini-concerts and a full-orchestra concert for young people. Klaudia donated a quality student violin for seven consecutive years to the Poster Contest of the Oakville Symphony Orchestra as a main prize and the violin was presented to the winner at the full-orchestra concert each year.

Each year, the Studio students perform at Retirement Home Residences in the community.

Teaching Experience

Klaudia started to teach violin at the Jan Pöschl School of Music in Presov, Slovakia in 1997, and has been teaching continuously ever since. For over 20 years now!

In 2002, she established Klaudia’s Music Studio in Oakville. Klaudia educates young students (3 years of age and up), beginners and advanced students of all ages and also offers lessons to adults. She has been successful in preparing students of all ages and levels of experience for Royal Conservatory Exams, Rotary, Peel and Hamilton music festivals.

Klaudia presents recitals bi-annually in winter and summer, giving parents the opportunity to enjoy their child’s musical progress and allowing students to perform in public thereby building stage-performance skills and confidence. She also organizes teachers concerts each year, designed to inspire.

Since forming of String Orchestra MagicK at her school in 2006, she has been an artistic director. She takes immense pride in all its achievements at concerts, competitions and festivals.