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June 2019 – please check with your teacher about recital dates.

Violin and cello students – please check the rehearsal schedule.


Wednesday June 19, 2019 at 7:30 – 8:30 pm at Trafalgar featuring MiniMiniMagicK, MiniMagicK, MagicK Orchestra


Saturday June 1, 2019 at 2 – 3 pm at Trafalgar



In the summer months of July and August we have flexibility to accommodate as many or as few lessons as you choose. Lessons are scheduled ahead of time, on specific weeks and days. After detailed consultation with the teacher’s availability you can choose your weeks and length of your lessons. You may consider more frequent or longer lessons on the weeks you can make it, to gain time for missing some weeks you cannot come in. Billing will follow accordingly, based on pre-booked lessons. Lessons are paid for in advance. During summer months we ask for minimum 2-weeks cancellation notice, or the lesson is considered missed and paid for. No make up lesson will be allowed for the missed lesson without 2-week notice. We limit the make up lessons to 2 in the summer.

Side note:

Besides instrumental one on one lessons during the summer, we offer intense theory courses this summer, with the goal of taking exam in August. Levels 5, 6, 7, 8 and beyond. Those of you interested, please indicate it to Ms. Sue and we will send you more details. The theory teachers can work out the individual or group plan to make it happen. As of level 5 instrumental playing on any instrument, it is mandatory that in order to receive the RCM certificate the student needs to pass the theoretical exam. You may skip level 5 and take level 6 exam, or skip all levels exams and take only level 9 exam, however, you cannot skip learning all the material in the lower levels. The material accummulates and proper foundations are crucial. The sooner you start the better. Of course, it is good to take theory lessons weekly throughout the year! We will ALWAYS encourage it. But this could be an option for those with time constrains, those who are too busy during the year, etc. Please ask us about your individiual situation if you are comnsidering summer theory lessons.



Introductory violin camp for children without any, or limited experience. WE LOAN A VIOLIN (or other instrument of choice) TO YOUR CHILD FOR A WEEK! This year’s leading instructor is Klaudia Thibault on violin. Variety of instruments introduced at the camp: viola, cello, double bass, guitar, drums, piano, harp. Professional instructors will participate in delivering the knowledge in a fun way. Lead by Klaudia Thibault and her team.

~ 6:1 Maximum Student Teacher Ratio

~ Ages 5-7

~ Experience: not required

~ Week 1: August 19 – 23, 2019 Theme of the week “Italian Vivaldi”

~ Week 2: August 26 – 30, 2019 Theme of the week “Norwegian Grieg”

~ Half Day Mornings: 8:30 am – 12:30 pm

~ Location: Trafalgar Presbyterian Church


1 week $200 / 1 week / half day / per student

Both weeks $360 / 2 weeks / half day / per student

Cancellation policy: Full refund of 100% is given with more than two months notice. Only 50% refund is given for 1-2 months notice. NO refund for any cancellation with less than one month notice.


Klaudia’s Music Studio has been providing Violin Introductory Music Camp for young children since 2006. Students explore which instrument they like, try to play it, get familiar with classical music as well as rock trends through informative instruction and interesting activities. Program is specifically designed for children without musical experience, but also for those who already play an instrument and would like to try a new one. This informative educational program is beneficial for all children, with or without musical background.

Daily program includes notes reading, musical games, discovery of history of music, and the most important component – playing VIOLIN and all the other instruments. All efforts are directed to the goal of performing on stage at the mini-concert on Thursday or Friday. Students with previous musical experience can pick a new instrument for a week and keep it for the whole week. All campers from previous years are welcome back! Our spacious beautiful air-conditioned location with natural day light offers a great environment for learning.


We hold regular OPEN HOUSE sessions. They are free of charge and they can be in a form of observation of the existing class, or hands-on short trial of an instrument at a time booked in advance. Open house is suitable for anyone who is deciding on taking up a new musical instrument and is undecided. You can explore a new instrument with your child, or come in yourself as an adult. Adult lessons are highly encouraged, even from the absolute beginnings, without knowledge of reading notes, or without any previous music education. Email us to book an enquiry prior to coming in:

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