Klaudia’s Music School Oakville


For musically inclined children and adults in the town of Oakville, Klaudia’s Music Studio Inc. is the school for private music lessons that assists students successfully realize their potential with exceptional instruction and performing opportunities.

It is essential that quality tutoring begin with proper posture. This aspect is so crucial, for playing on any instrument regardless of the method employed. Great results are directly linked to a proper line-up/instrument holding/positioning. Teachers of other music schools may not emphasize this technical aspect of learning enough and this often leads to deeper problems later, resulting in a stagnation of musical development. Correction in posture is not always successful when caught late in the teaching cycle.

Reading music is an essential part of the study right from the beginning. KMS introduces note reading even to very young. The concept is easily grasped and gives students confidence to be independent in playing learning through the process of reading music notes.

Oakville Violin Student

Musicality is one of the most important aspects of learning music, as there is much more to it than just playing the notes. There is a countless range of dynamics, expressions, moods, periods, styles, techniques, and so on. Music cannot be imposed, cannot be forced on to – it needs to come from one’s heart. All too often we see “automated playing” which we try to cultivate with variety of expressions in range of dynamics, speed and intensity.

The studio encourages daily home practicing from its students. Parents of young children: we encourage you to remind your children to practice, devote a part of your day to this task and sit with your children when they require support. A receptive audience is often all that is required to encourage a child to practice.

Both teachers and parents as role models have an important part in a child’s advancement and only when sufficient effort is put in, will we see great results. Adult students should also devote time to home practicing to progress in their musical development. The home practice gives teachers important weekly feedback and guides both student and teacher to produce a more customized learning routine.