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About Klaudia's Music Studio


Welcome to our music school! 


For musically inclined children and adults in the town of Oakville, Klaudia’s Music Studio, established in 2002, continues to be the premier school of music with offering one of the best in quality, professional music lessons in Oakville.

If you are looking to start playing a musical instrument you have come to the right place. These are the steps you take when interested in  lessons with us. 


Please contact us about your request, be specific about which instrument you’d like to learn. First lesson introductory offer is $20/30 minutes. Exception: Instruments double bass and harp introductory lesson or longer lesson $30/30 min. 

Step 2

Once we confirm the availability please fill out our online registration form.

Step 3

Communicate with us about schedule and start learning!


Check or ask us about our lesson fees, registration fee, policy about no make-up lessons and online option in emergencies. Lesson fees vary based on level, as well as on instrument and teacher’s expertise. 

About us… 🎹 

The studio adopts a philosophy that music education should be a positive, creative experience, along with steady progress and lots of fun for its students!

The studio cooperates with selected teachers in offering private one-on-one lessons in piano, violin and all the other instruments you will find on this website under “Music Lessons” page. Klaudia’s Music Studio offers summer music camps, group instrumental chamber music opportunities and theory classes, as well as lessons for very young children

We have a quickly expanding classical guitar program. Check it out if you like classical and acoustic guitar. 

Our electric guitar classes are highly popular among teenagers and adults, too. Not only do students have fun trying new repertoire, but the skill they get from being in a supervised environment is invaluable. From recital to recital you will see remarkable results. 

Teachers of Klaudia’s studio, trained in music education, are skillful at adapting their teaching approach to suit the individual student’s learning style. 

Our Studio follows the Royal Conservatory of Music Toronto Program levels in almost all instruments and follows variety of methods to achieve optimised results. 

The main structure is based on books and online material of the Royal Conservatory of Music books of Technique, Etudes, Repertoire, Ear Training, Sight Reading, Theory, Harmony, History and Counterpoint. Teachers adhere to all requirements associated with the study, level by level from Preliminary to Level 10 and beyond. This system allows us to evaluate students and motivate them further. 

To mention a few additional resources: The methods include Suzuki method, ABRSM Books, ABCs method, Cassia Harvey methods, good and tried study books, Sevcik study books, Galamian, duets, fiddle music, Disney Books, Popular Albums and much more.

Children and adults alike follow their personal goal of achievement. Bi-annual recitals and above mentioned chamber music concerts are the highlight of the studio offerings 🎻 . (Studio is a nut free and scent free environment.)

Meet our Teachers

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Instrument Services

Klaudia’s Music Studio partners up with top notch technicians for piano tuning and violin, viola and cello repairs. Find out about the services they offer by clicking on their image. To inquire about booking an instrument service or repair please contact us using the button below.

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Studio Pricing + Policies

Pricing, Policies, Examinations and Recital Information


Initial trial lessons are offered at $20-30/30 min, paid in advance

NO MAKE UP LESSONS POLICY: If you are unable to attend the scheduled lesson you may invite a friend or a family member to take a lesson in your place. Limit 2 per year. No credits can be issued for any missed lessons. Also, there will be no alternate time allocated, only regular scheduled time. Zoom lessons are an option, at exact time of your lesson. Lessons missed due to teacher's absence will be made up. 

Each instrument has its pricing listed on instrument pages. 


$50 /first family member
$25 /each additional family member


Varies, full day or half day. See Camp Page. 


$20/month for violin, guitar, small keyboard
$30/month for viola
$40/month for cello
$45/month for full size electric piano
$50/month for double bass


Half (1/2) of the amount spent on renting the instrument goes towards later purchase (only for some instruments, exceptions apply). Payment plan for buy out is also available.


Studio Policies


After initial trial lesson you will be given exact time spot. From then on, lessons are scheduled on weekly basis. Lessons are billed and due monthly, on the first day of each month.

Registration fee is charged only after the initial trial lesson, once you confirm your interest.

There are NO lessons (no charge for lessons) during Statutory Holidays.

NO MAKE UP LESSONS POLICY: If you are unable to attend the scheduled lesson invite a friend or a family member to take a lesson in your place. Limit 2. No credits can be issued for any missed lessons. Also, there will be no alternate time allocated, only regular scheduled time. Zoom lessons are an option, at exact time of your lesson. 


In the summer months of July and August we have flexibility to accommodate as many or as few lessons as you choose. Lessons are scheduled ahead of time, on specific weeks and days. After detailed consultation with the teacher’s availability you can choose your weeks and length of your lessons. You may consider more frequent or longer lessons on the weeks you can make it, to gain time for missing some weeks you cannot come in. Billing will follow accordingly, based on pre-booked lessons. Lessons are paid for in advance. During summer months we ask for minimum 2-weeks cancellation notice, or the lesson is considered missed and paid for. No make up lesson will be allowed for the missed lesson without 2-week notice. We limit the make up lessons to 2 in the summer.


Labour Day: Sunday & Monday closed

Thanksgiving: Sunday & Monday closed

Winter Break: Two full weeks closed

Family Day: Sunday & Monday closed

March Break: Lessons on the 1st weekend then closed Monday to Sunday

Easter: Friday to Monday closed

Victoria Day: Sunday & Monday closed

Recital + Exam Fees


Piano accompaniment at the exam is mandatory. We provide all the preparation and accompaniment at the exam. One original copy of music must be provided for the accompanist and one for the adjudicator. Also technique book is required at exam, one original copy for you and one for the adjudicator. We have spare books you can borrow for this purpose free of charge.


$20 /each 10 minutes


$20 /each 10 minutes of piano accompaniment rehearsal
$20 /per student at the recital for levels Preparatory Level to Level 4
$20-60 /per student for advanced levels depending on level of difficulty and length of pieces


$60 /exam Preparatory Level to Level 4
$75 /exam Level 5
$85 /exam Level 6
$95 /exam Level 7
$105 /exam Level 8
$120 /exam Levels 9
$140 /exam Level 10
$160 /exam Level ARCT



From happy customers:

“My children enjoy coming to their piano lessons every week. It is not a hurtle, not a struggle, this is what they want. What more can a parent ask for?”

“Such passion at this place.”

“My daughter took piano lessons with the same teacher for many many years, since she was about 7. When it came to the time to leave for university, she was in tears! So sad to leave! She will miss her teacher dearly and promised to keep in touch. This place cares about its students, cares about their struggles, worries, moods, concerns, successful moments, concerts, exams and everything in between. Thank you for being a part of our family. It means so much to us. Thank you!”

“Recitals are small and adorable. We like it that way. We can enjoy our son’s performance without that pressure from a huge audience. Instead, we are in a spacious acoustically sound hall, our son is playing on a grand piano in a small concert and we take that precious moment in. Each recital after recital this studio makes us feel love for music.”

“Orchestra is such a huge part of why I joined the music lessons. What an opportunity! As an adult cello learner I was anxious even to join music lessons altogether, not to mention orchestra. I soon learned that this is simply the best thing for me right now. I play masterpieces and I have to admit, not perfectly, but with such passion! If you are thinking of joining, do not hesitate for another moment!”

“Another music school told me that taking cello lessons at my age (I am retired) was quote “fruitless”. Wow. What an ignorance. So I joined Klaudia’s Music Studio. Klaudia explained the potential we all have for taking in new knowledge at pretty much any age. She would not even limit it to 99! And now I am so glad I listened. It is rewarding. Small steps toward achieving a small goal. Encouragement I get from my cello teacher every week is just so kind and gentle. I never thought I could do it and here I am, going on 9th year of lessons!”

“I joined violin lessons at the age of 40 and I never looked back. It will be 15 years this year since I started my new music journey. After taking piano as a kid I wanted to try something new and challenging. Violin seemed like a good idea, so I persisted. Then I bought myself a really good violin in Toronto. That made it real! Some years back I joined the Klaudia’s orchestra and I continued to perform at all solo recitals … every December and every June, year after year. The best part is that two years ago I joined a string quartet that consists of same minded adults like me, we are 2 violins, 1 viola and 1 cello. We did a competition and placed first! It was a good feeling. And we meet weekly, sometimes more that once a week because we became good friends. Music connected our hearts and truly believe it made us all better people.”


From summer music camp:

“My daughter loves your camp so much she made me arrive at least 20 minutes in advance every day, so she doesn’t miss a thing. After last year’s camp, she joined it again this year – twice, and she enjoys it tremendously. Thank you. I think we will sign up for violin lessons this coming up season.”

R.B., Oakville

“Guitar and drum presentation was one of the best features of this camp. Besides all other instruments, my son started to love guitar and cello. He was so excited to come back every day for the camp! Thank you for this opportunity. We would not be able to decide what instrument is right for him if it wasn’t for your camp.”

N.O., Oakville

“More parents should know about your camp and Junior program. I would sit through it for hours if I could. You make it interesting and it is amazing how much you cover!”

Grandmother, L.A., Oakville

” … thanking you for the wonderful summer violin camp you provided. Our son started the camp very interested in the violin and completed the program being able to play 4 songs. He also enjoyed learning about the history of the violin and how it works. We now look forward to continuing with lessons in the fall.”

A.&D. M., Oakville

“Klaudia quickly developed a very strong rapport with our children.
Through her dedication to music education Klaudia conveys her knowledge
and love of music to her students. Our kids’ experience has been fun,
educational and their appreciation of music will surely last a lifetime.”

J. & S. McC. , Burlington


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