Online Music Lessons

Klaudia's Music Web Studio, Coming Soon!

Welcome to our online music lessons course, coming soon!

Word from the founder, Klaudia:

What is this online course about? Why doing what has already been done? Why attempting to be the one delivering the knowledge if I am not sure if my research and knowledge is complete?

Well, my dear musicians, or musicians to be, I will be honest and say I am definitely not done with my research on violin methods and as long as I live I will keep searching for innovative ideas on violin subject. But at the same time, I will humbly, extremely humbly say that I feel joy in passing along the knowledge I have learned over my 20 years of teaching, watching other teachers teach, attending workshops and doing my own study.

The purpose of my online lessons is giving you:

  • tools for mastering certain techniques
  • inspiration to practice regularly
  • know how to get results, if you want them fast

What are the results you want to achieve? I think it is for you, to be able to explain what needs to be done to learn:

  • tone
  • posture
  • musicality
  • tuning
  • intonation
  • rhythm

and produce action like:

  • put it all together for any amount of students in your class, if you are a teacher
  • understand the principles behind your own playing technique, if you are a self-learner
  • being able to join a chamber group or an orchestra where you play with others

Why are my videos on violin technique unique?

I look at posture and efficiency, from simple to most complex methods of mastering violin. I will challenge you and motivate you to constantly move forward.  

The course is divided into levels from Foundation Level which is beginning of all teachings, it is the most important stepping stone you can refer to.  If you have any issue along the way, go back into basics, to make sure your posture is not in your way of developing your violin technique.

Foundation Level is followed by Level 1 – 10. In each level there are certain specific tasks. You will find 3 steps into each task.

  • Step 1: Explanation
  • Step 2: Exercise
  • Step 3: Practice

You may skip sections, or go one by one, not to miss anything. You may look at the final third Step and work your way backwards. Anything is possible and it will be your way. Choice will be yours, since I am not physically present at your lessons, or at practice time and I cannot make you repeat this or that a few more times! How you approach this course is in your hands, but regardless, it will bring your violin playing improvement and level by level advancement. This course will help you with difficult sections you’ve been struggling with, it will help you make your violin playing more musical and smoother.

If you can clearly see what you need to do next to advance your playing, I fulfilled my intention. I will be happy to hear about your stories of success and you will become an inspiration to me. I intend to have an international platform for exchanging ideas, feedback and additional learning materials.

About me?

I have a university degree in music education and ethics or so called social studies, but what does it really mean? I question a lot of classes on very boring subjects I had to take and I never had use for in my working life. They were tedious, long, not useful, not practical, not applicable. I wanted to teach violin. I wanted to know how to teach a beginner violinist and how to continue with the skills.  I learned very little of that kind at the university. I learned little about how to choose a repertoire and where to find it, how to deal with the full class of violinists, how to prepare a real classroom teaching plan, how to make lessons entertaining and most efficient.  

Was it probably a wrong choice for me? Well, I would not go as far as to say that. I did like the university music subjects and history of philosophy. What lacked was know how of teaching violin. There was one thing I learned at the university and that was to finish my project! And on time! And that remained my motto for future. After my graduation, which I intentionally skipped, I was tired. Tired of not having enough real life information to pursue my violin teaching passion. I turned away from violin for about a year, moving to Canada, needing some change in my life.

And then it happened! This day has come when I realized that I cannot pretend any longer that I don’t want to do anything with violin. I was asked to play and teach, join the Oakville Symphony Orchestra. It was happening. Now, more than ever I needed those skills I was missing before, since I started teaching at the age of 16. How to set up a new violinist? So, I became my search for ideal set up. I came across some amazing violinists who explained to me that it is equally important to have technique and relaxed natural posture that actually allows you to progress in violin technique, instead of holding you back. My journey continues and I am experimenting with different approach on how to fix the posture, to make students play pain less, for long years to come. Proper line up, freedom of movement, expression through playing. And you? Come in and learn new, as well as century old methods, be interested and inquisitive. That’s what will make my job important. Thank you for reading! 

Klaudia’s Music Web Studio will be coming soon.  If you’d like to be notified once our new service has been launched, please send us an email.