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Music Lessons at Klaudia's Music Studio

Welcome to Klaudia’s Music Studio, where musical exploration is tailored to every age and skill level. Our offerings include private in-person lessons for various instruments, Preschool Music Class Junior Music. and String Orchestra. The online violin lessons are available year-round.

For in-person lessons, we cover a range of instruments, including piano, cello, guitar, theory, and violin. Online lessons, offered throughout the year, include virtual theory sessions and instrumental instruction. Our unique Hybrid Model ensures all students, whether learning online or in-person, can partake in recitals, concerts, and master workshops. In case of illness, online options maintain lesson continuity.

At our NUT FREE and SCENT FREE facility, we rent and tune instruments, provide piano accompaniment for exams, and offer both private and occasional group lessons. We welcome students as young as 3.5 years old and adults, fostering brain development, attention span, and coordination through music.

In instrumental lessons, we emphasize proper posture as the foundation for musicality. Our comprehensive approach covers dynamics, expressions, moods, periods, and techniques. Theory lessons complete musical education, focusing on reading music and preparing students for RCM examinations.

Whether pursuing music for exams or pure enjoyment, our tutoring encompasses all aspects of the RCM Syllabus. From Preparatory Level to Level 10 and beyond, we prioritize progress through targeted and enriching instruction, including ear training, rhythm, note reading, improvisation, and overall musicality. Join us in kindling a lifelong love for music!

If you’re looking for sheet music, we recommend Sheet Music Plus, use this link to access their sheet music.

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