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Klaudia’s Music Studio offers wide range of live music since 2002. To hire, contact us through the studio contact page. Most of the performing members have been teachers at Klaudia’s Music Studio for many years. On occasions, external professional musicians are called in to perform. String quartet is our favourite type of instrumentation for its sonority, depth of sound and range of pitch from very high sounding majestic bossy violins, through medium mellow sound of viola to low sounding soothing cello. As you can see the instrumentations listed below we can be flexible with offering various different options for you.

#WEDDING MUSIC … Events we provide music for are weddings, after-wedding cocktail parties, corporate events, private home birthday parties or dinner receptions. We thrive to enhance the mood of the events. We have a set repertoire of classical music and popular selections that we constantly improve and widen.

#FUNERAL MUSIC … We also empathise with mourning families and offer comforting music at funerals and memorials. We are truly dedicated musicians, reliable and professional, always committed to the highest standards of performance.


STRING QUARTET: violin, violin, viola and cello

STRING QUINTET: violin, violin, viola, cello, double bass

STRING DUET: violin and cello

PIANO TRIO: piano, violin, cello

PIANO DUET: piano with cello

PIANO DUET: piano with violin

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