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Let me tell you a story. I was sitting at one of our semi-annual student recitals, listening to DRUMS and GUITARS. Songs that were played varied from light rock to total heavy metal hard rock Metallica style. Played by these young boys and girls who were so deeply engaged in their songs they never once flinched about the fact that they played in a sanctuary at the actual church, the sacred place of peace, inspiration and love. This place was now filled with music and resonated with PEACE!
Those who were listening whispered “I want to be JUST like that… mommy, I want to play drums too…. daddy, I want to rock my guitar like this boy on the stage…” The performances were inspirational to say the least. Students felt at their best! And all along I had the feeling that this concert was something special. Something more than just another concert. It reminded me of fulfilling one dreams of young child of being that kind of kid who rocks his or her instrument. It was done with imperfections, but with CONFIDENCE! This is why we as teachers prepare these concerts. Because they come from love of music. In many forms and many sounds.
Importantly, no matter the stage, big or small, hall or sanctuary, these young musicians had the first hand experience with what it felt like to be in the spotlight. And this was what made their day. What more can anyone wish for? 🙂

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