Little Honesty, Grace and Gratitude

Dear readers, it is the end of May 2020, and ever since mid March and our “stay at home order” in Canada this has been the time when we may say “our worst nightmare”. It is when the time stopped and we are facing challenges that are not comparable to anything previously experienced. But we are not going to dwell on these. We are moving forward while acknowledging the heroes at the front lines of facing this world pandemic. Very warm thank you to all our heroes!

Here at Klaudia’s Music Studio we are reflecting on new Zoom online lessons and how productive they actually are, we are reflecting on how efficient we the teachers can be in a noisy or too quiet distracting environment, as well as how much we love doing our jobs of teaching music. When we attend to students our personal lives go aside. We put on our best smile, our best thought through ideas on lessons and show up daily to do the teaching that many students and their families consider so so important. Especially now, in these uncertain times. And they ARE important. Learning and continuing to learn is at the upfront of our minds. It lifts spirits of students as well as teachers, it makes us all happy.

It is not only success of Klaudia alone. There is NO WAY she could have done it all alone. Ms. Sue, the administrator, is on top of her game at getting us all organized. It is also success of all teachers who cooperate with the Studio in students’ success. Violin and viola students need piano accompaniment, they have siblings who like piano lessons, who have friends who like guitar lessons and drumming, who have neighbours who like double bass lessons, who have colleagues who need theory lessons, who have friends who are thinking of joining a string orchestra after a long hiatus. This is how the word spreads around our community. Word of mouth makes our Studio strong and loved.

In closing, here is a little reflection from a parent of a former Klaudia’s student who has how taken off to university and continues to make us proud. Thank you for reading!

“Hi Klaudia :)) … you came to my mind. I began to think back on the years, and I just felt compelled to write to you. I remember when my husband called me into his office to look at your website, and he said, “Look at this girl, she’s really good, I want you to sign (my daughter) up with her.”  We first met you at the little studio on Kerr, and I was so impressed with your carriage. Soft spoken and firm, and kind. You moved to your own space on Speers, and your pretty little office. I felt terribly for you when the problems began; that place was not a good fit for you. I saw the frustration sometimes, and the disappointment too. I marvel now when I think back to how you kept your composure with your students, and persevered, always making steps forward. Organizing the trips to perform in Niagara, and keeping kiddies in check:)) Then  you moved to the church, and your life began to expand very quickly. Marriage, recitals, more orchestra, more teachers, more students, more, more…. I knew the pressure must have grown as well. When your babies were born, I was impressed that you had gotten to a place in your life, and the studio where you were able to take the time to step away. Klaudia’s Music Studio, from my perspective, was thriving and with the right people around you, you were able to mother your children the way you’ve always dreamed of. I said all because I felt I wanted you to know that you have had an impact on lives. The way you carry yourself, and take the time to give small gestures of thoughtfulness to people, and strive to keep moving forward, and just being Klauida is excellent to me. May I say, that, to me, all these things are expressions of love. I am truly thankful that (my daughter) was in your care. You were like a gift from God. lol:)) I hope your entire family, near and abroad are well, and safe. We’re all good. (My daughter) is at university. She still plays violin at church, and has a regular worship leader role. But what I am most pleased with, is that (my daughter) will pick up her violin and play when she’s stressed out, or overwhelmed by something, her whole body moves when she plays. Her aunt gave (my daughter), her violin. It’s a gorgeous dark wood European instrument made in the 1800s. It sounds soooo beautiful. I secretly have enjoyed this quarantine time because I have all kids with us at home, they all get along very well, and we have spent some nice times around the kitchen table. It’s like another little gift of time before they all fly the nest. I hope you’re having the same. Lastly, if you ever feel like you need a helping hand Klaudia; if there is someway that I can be of help to you, I’d love to do it… feeling good that I shared my heart with you.
With Warmest Regards and Affection, (mom of a student)”

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