Music Lessons at Our Studio

Together we can rekindle music in our students’ hearts and pass it on to the next generation.

In instrumental lessons, we combine melody and musicality. It is essential that quality tutoring begins with proper posture. This aspect is so crucial, for playing on any instrument regardless of the method employed. Great results are directly linked to a proper line-up/instrument holding/positioning. If we do not emphasize this technical aspect of learning enough, it often leads to deeper problems later, resulting in a stagnation of musical development. Correction in posture is not always successful when caught late in the teaching cycle. And then there is a countless range of dynamics, expressions, moods, periods, styles, techniques, and so on. Musicality is the most important aspect of learning music, as there is much more to it than just playing the notes. Music cannot be imposed, cannot be forced on to – it needs to come from one’s heart. All too often we see “automated playing” which we at Klaudia’s Music Studio try to cultivate with variety of expressions in range of dynamics, speed and intensity.

In theory lessons, we complete student’s musical education. Reading music is an essential part of the study right from the beginning, even to very young. Once the concept is grasped it gives students confidence to be independent in playing and elevates the learning curve. Theory lessons comprise of many elements described in detail on Theory Lessons Page.

If music is something you consider a priority, the tutoring will consist of all the aspects of the Royal Conservatory of Music Syllabus and its respective examinations. We prepare students for practical examination from Preparatory Level to Level 10 and beyond, along with theory at level 5 and on.

If you want to explore the music for fun, starting as a child, or picking it up later in life: we have just the right tools for you. The goal is to accomplish and sustain progress at all times. This is accomplished with proper aimed and enriched tutoring, including all aspects of music: ear training, rhythm, note reading, improvisation, proper holding, or positioning while playing the instrument and all-over musicality. 

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