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~~~ COVID-19 UPDATE: as of September 2021 we are applying hybrid learning model. It includes online lessons and/or limited in-person lessons under strict protocol for everyone’s safety. We currently accept new students. ~~~

Since beginning of the pandemic in mid March 2020, Klaudia’s Music Studio has been holding one-on-one and small group private music lessons online. We are experts at online lessons by now. 

All group lessons, for instance Junior Music for pre-schoolers, group theory lessons are held online. Unfortunately, open houses and concerts have been suspended until further notice, but we hold frequent video conferences and interviews. 

We now offer music lessons online via Zoom, Facetime, or WhatsApp by local and also remote teachers which has proven itself very effective and efficient during the course of last year. We help preparing students for exams, or simply help progress their level of achievement. We offer instrumental online lessons on piano, violin, viola, cello, guitar, drums and theory. 

Once we return into in-person lessons in Oakville, Ontario, Canada, besides offering students to come in person and take their music lessons “traditional way” with local teachers, we will keep the hybrid learning as an option to students who prefer it, who live too far, or cannot commute.

Since we now have teachers who are not local to Oakville, Ontario, Canada, online remote learning will remain integral part of our studio’s offerings. 

This is a result of fantastic success with remote learning. For instance, we have a family of students from North Carolina, U.S.A who will continue lessons online even after reopening. They are extremely happy with the progress and pleased with our methods. We also have students in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada and Quebec City, Quebec, Canada. 

Even though some students live in Oakville, their lessons will remain online for the reason that their teacher lives in remote location listed here: Sudbury, Ontario, Canada, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, Niagara-On-The-Lake, Ontario, Canada, Abu Dhabi in United Arab Emirates.  

That being said, all students of our school will have an equal opportunity to perform in front of audience, they will have a professional guidance related to their musical development and performance. We take care of our students. 

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