New Beginnings

On January 5th 2023 we mourned the loss of our beloved cello teacher Mr. Janko Marjanovic. May he rest in peace. He died suddenly and this abrupt loss left us pondering about how huge impact he had on our lives, lives of people who were surrounding him, on his students, on his colleagues and family. He was an extraordinary musician. This fact alone made him an exceptional teacher who could get results faster than anyone I know. I think his best achievement, about 5 years back, was bringing one new student beginner from very basics to level 8 repertoire in two years! What a feel for student potential, what an unconventional approach, untainted by any rules or norms. He had his own vision that worked for him and it allowed the lucky students under his tuition to become cellists.

Music was an integral part of Janko’s life, so natural that without knowing he was inspiring many who’d hear him play to take up cello lessons, or ask questions about his mastery. He had a sense of humour, he’d create that initial spark of interest in cello. We are grateful for the time we spent with him and we will miss him dearly.

As we turn the page on Janko’s legacy, we welcome a new cello teacher to our team, Ms. Else. We hope students enjoy learning with her and that they will keep playing cello.

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