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Signing up for music lessons?

Signing up for music lessons is the decision that should not be made lightly, randomly and impulsively. It needs to be done with certain aspects in mind.
Firstly, playing musical instrument comes within. Looking at child’s first prompt about what instrument he or she likes will tell you exactly how it feels. Children have a great instinct about what they like and what they want more of in their life. If the answer is consistently love for one type of instrument, you don’t need to think twice. This is the instrument the child likes and wants to play. We as leading adults – parents, grandparents, teachers – should focus on listening to the child.
Speaking of adult lessons, somewhere along the way in the childhood or later on as we grew up it happens that the first instinct that tells us love for certain instrument gets pushed away and is replaced by some new idea, often not our own, but preconceived, artificial and not true to ourselves. We often cannot get back on the right track and we follow this given route to only discover that it needs to change! Sooner or later, sometimes way later, we discover that this instrument is not for us, nor that it ever sounds right in our hands. We can then focus on picking a new instrument, close to our heart.
Lastly, every person can play a musical instrument, although not everyone has to excel and that is totally normal. Do not get discouraged and influenced by somebody’s personal opinion that your child or YOU should not play this or that. This person who is advising you might not have your own best interest in mind. Absolutely at any age you have your own right to start learning.
To sum it up, before making a life decision for your child, or for yourself as an adult about music lessons, look deeper, look into person’s soul and heart. There you will find the answers to what is the real calling for you.
~Klaudia, violinist~

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